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Basmatzi Bros offers a great selection of Greek and imported marble  that meets the needs and aesthetics of each project.




Artistic processing

Our state of the art marble processing CNC and Waterjet machines make simple and complex structures possible.




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We are here to give physical form to your ideas, using beautiful materials that will stand the test of time.

If you need any help deciding the right materials or design for your project, contact us at +302521042850 or sent an email to

Basmatzi Bros G.P.


For years now, our company provides high quality services in the field of marble. Proof of that are our many works that adorn both private as well as public places.

Our excellent results are due both to the expertise, and the experience of two generations in the art of marble.

Basmatzi Bros G.P. primarily engages in artistic marble work for churches and monasteries, producing exquisite ecclesiastical artwork with attention to detail and great respect for tradition.

Among other things, the company produces: Marble temples, shrines, thrones, parapets and floors with complex designs.



Beyond ecclesiastical work, we also provide other services such as creating marble floors, columns, capitals and casings for spaces such as hotel groups or other companies.

By combining modern technology and traditional techniques, we are able to provide our customers with a wide variety of designs for every occasion.

Furthermore, on top of the excellent craftsmanship offered by Basmatzi Bros G.P., is added the high quality of our materials such as the local white marble.

Contact us so we may suggest to you the materials and solutions that best fit your ideas.