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The Company


Basmatzi Bros G.P. (Αφοί Μπασματζή Ο.Ε.) is based in Drama, Greece. Our main activities are processing and trading of marble and fireplaces.


The company was founded by the Basmatzi Brothers, Panagiotis and Polichronis, in 2001. The involvement of the two brothers with marble was the natural next step after their apprenticeship next to their father Christos Basmatzis who worked many years in the field of artistic marble processing.


On top of the two brothers’ experience, was added the knowledge they gained from their studies in marble sculpture at Panormou School of Art, in Tinos. Following their studies, they participated in numerous sculpture symposiums. Today their works adorn many parts of Drama.


By pursuing quality and aiming at continuous development, in 2006, Basmatzi Bros, proceeded to expand its premises and added to its range of mechanical equipment a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and a Waterjet machine. Today, Basmatzi Bros is able to offer a wide range of marble processing solutions, combining traditional techniques with modern technology.


Considering energy saving critical for the preservation of our environment, Basmatzi Bros, in 2011, became the exclusive representative of Norwegian fireplaces “Nordpeis” for the region of Drama. Since then the company represents some of the most trusted brands in the field of ecological heating.

Both our marble processing factory and our fireplace exhibition are located at 7klm of Drama – Kavala.